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Cementitious Crystalline Capillary Waterproofing System For Concrete Structures

CHEM-CRETEX CEM600 is a one component, crystalline capillary waterproofing system composed of Portland cement, silica sand and many active chemicals. In the presence of moisture, the active chemicals in CHEM-CRETEX CEM600 penetrate concrete and react chemically with free lime to produce insoluble crystals, these crystals has affinity to moisture and continue to grow. This crystalline growth reduces concrete’s porosity by blocking capillaries and filling hairline non-structural cracks up to 0.01’’ (0.254 mm) caused by shrinkage or expansion.

CHEM-CRETEX CEM600 system consists of 3 products which can be used separately or together depending on the project needs. These products are:


CHEM-CRETEX CONCENTRATE CEM600C is applied as dry shake to freshly poured concrete or mixed with water to produce a slurry coating for walls and floors of cured concrete.

CHEM-CRETEX MORTAR CEM600M is a designed to be applied in mortar consistency to make coves, and filling reglets at construction joints. It is also used to repair honeycombs, cracks, filling form-tie holes and cold joints and is used in conjunction with CHEM-CRETEX CONCENTRATE CEM600C.

CHEM-CRETEX PLUG CEM600P is formulated to form a “Hot Patch” to stop active leaks. When CHEM-CRETEX PLUG CEM600P is mixed with water it hardens in 1 to 2 minutes. CHEM-CRETEX PLUG CEM600P is used in conjunction with CHEM-CRETEX CONCENTRATE CEM600C.

Uses of CHEM-CRETEX CEM600 include but not limited to:

• Sewage and water treatment plants.
• Water tanks and reservoirs.
• Concrete pipes and manholes.
• Tunnels and subway tunnels.
• Elevator pits, foundations and slabs.
• Industrial plants, factory floors and office building.
• Basements and planters.
• Power plants and sub-stations.
• Roof decks, parking decks and retaining walls.
• Water retaining structures like dams and swimming pools.

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